Welcome to the Chicken Shack

Welcome to the Chicken Shack & Brew Yard, where southern cuisine and hospitality collide with a local flare for the craft beer movement. A love for southern food and the attitude with which it is presented will be our sole purpose. Exposure to the flavors and style of cooking; paired with great beer and wine, will be our primary focus.

42 North Brewing has created a special lager to pair with chicken and food fixins. Focusing on the craft beer movement and the trending segment of premium wines in a can will be an eye opening experience. A different concept for your experience will also be noted when you step through the doors.


Come Join Us!

Our BrewYard

The BrewYard concept is simple. Provide the freshest local beer on draft and in cans with a selection that will also take you across the country. The craft beer movement has taken Buffalo by storm and 42 North Brewing has embraced the scene with a vengeance, and has produced a special lager exclusive to the Chicken Shack. What the Cluck Lager will be featured and pairs with both our original and spicy chicken.

Our Beer

A special craft beer, produced to pair with our signature southern chicken to get the experience of every taste, whether food or drink and not be overshadowed by one or the other.

"What the Cluck"

Lager has an ABV of 5.5%

Crisp, clean and refreshing! Kinda makes you say:

What the Cluck?


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rT16 Chicken Shack and BrewYard

6272 Seneca St.

Elma, New York 


Fall/Winter hours
MON –  Closed
11:30am – 7pm
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SUN : Closed
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